My Vision for Kingston

Like many residents of Loyalist-Cataraqui, I want to see Kingston attain its full potential.

I want to help build trust, hope and confidence in Kingston and its City government. I want to help build a city that is economically prosperous, socially just, and environmentally sustainable.

Most importantly, I want Kingstonians to regain their optimism in our city’s future, as we have had in the past, despite the economic, social, and environmental challenges we are facing. Our history shows us that when we come together as one community, we can achieve great things despite the challenges. Kingston is a great city, but it can be much greater.

I bring a fresh approach, new ideas, persistence, commitment and idealism. I belong to a new generation of Kingstonians who don’t fear change but embrace it. As a person with strong moral and ethical values, I can bring integrity, commitment, and leadership to bear on the issues our city is facing. With hard work and a spirit of cooperation, I know that Kingston can continue to be the city where you and your family will thrive and prosper.

I look forward to listening to your concerns and ideas, discussing possible solutions with you, and earning your support.

I think any constituency will be well served to have an individual of Bittu George’s caliber to represent them. I know Bittu to be a man of warmth, intelligence, integrity, compassion, and dedication. He is the type of representative who will actually listen to and represent his constituents. Rather than being an ideologue, he is a consensus builder with a track record of getting things done.
— Rob Baker, Tragically Hip Lead Guitarist

Election Day October 22, 2018

Advanced Voting: Oct 13 between 10am-8pm
Internet Voting: Oct 13 - Oct 22